Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blue Jean Blanket

Almost finished with another one like this that features pink & purple ribbons & back. These will be listed in my Etsy Shop.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Tag Blankets!

When I sold one of the tag blankets I made below within 20 minutes of listing it in my Etsy Shop, I decided to make more! : ) So I got busy this weekend and made 6 more blankets out of my new fabric!

Just listed on Etsy, and first up is my ladybug tag blanket. These turned out so wonderfully. I used that minky fabric that is as soft and smooth as butter! Elizabeth went nuts while I was making this one, so she got one of the ladybug blankets to keep! See pictures of her with her blanket on my personal blog.

Groovy alien fabric sets apart this boyish tag blanket. Since my first blankets were rather girly, I was striving for something more suitable for a little boy.

Here's another girly girl blanket. This one is backed in purple satin.

Another one for the boys - this one is backed is super cute "ocean friends" flannel that is really soft & snugly. This one is one of my favorites, too.

Another girly blanket... this one has magnificent backing fabric - huge purple flowers with strawberries. I loved that fabric!

I will be listing these throughout the week in my Etsy Shop - take a peek!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Super Jo-Ann's!

Here you go, Sissy - Read it and weep, drool, whatever! This...
is the 2-story Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts Superstore in North Dallas!

I intended to take another photo from upstairs (actually from the glass elevator), but alas, I was a little "preoccupied" and forgot!! I didn't even look at anything on the first floor. First floor was scrapbooking, floral, and other crafts. Second floor was fabric, quilting, sewing, and I think the framing department was up there.

This will be a ladybug themed blanket!

I wish I had gotten a better picture of the background fabric - it's really cute with whales, turtles, starfish, sea horses... sea themed. I thought these fabrics would make a good blanket for a boy or a girl, since all I've done so far has been more girly. Same thing with the alien fabric below.

The purple & flowers is to go with the girly fabric I've already been using. Note the ladybug!

Just another thing you'll be sorry you missed was thrift shopping! I think the most I paid for anything was $1.50! Once Upon A Child had a huge $1 section, and Super Goodwill was having a 50% off sale on everything. These are not very good pictures, but you'll get an idea of the good stuff I found! The pink skirt is Gymboree and the red dress if Ralph Lauren!

The graphic CAT!! dress is baby Gap and the smock is Ralph Lauren...

I think about half of these were Gymboree. The blue with hearts is a poncho.

Here's my biggest finds! The embellished jeans by baby Gap were 50c and the new with tags Gymboree dress was $1.25! The tag on the dress was $32!

Lastly was a cute pair of lightweight footies by Ralph Lauren in which Elizabeth looks adorable!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tag Blankets

Today I made a couple of tag blankets. I couldn't decide which fabric I liked best, so I pieced the front out of all of my favorite fabrics. I love how the colors all looked together! The ribbons were all different & bright, too. The back of one of them is the "Jesus and Me" fabric and the back of the other is purple satiney fabric. The hearts are felt. These blankets are perfect starting at about 6 months old, where Elizabeth is right now. Babies love to play with the ribbon loops and feel the different textures of the fabric.