Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Big Reveal!

As you know, when Glenn goes out of town the girls and I switch into a different way of life. We ate pizza, corn dogs, and cereal (not all at the same meal!), didn't clean anything, stayed up late, slept late, and made stuff. Here's a few that I've photographed. There were others.

This is a cover for a composition notebook. It was a sheet in it's previous life.

One of the thrift stores we went to last week was selling ALL their clothes for $1 each. So I bought this pair of jeans and transformed them. The lining was another sheet we bought.

I think these last couple are my favorites. The first is a quilted pincushion. All the fabrics are new, the rickrack was found at one of the thrift stores.
Two potholders. Again, all new fabrics except for the calendar which came from an old linen towel and the rickrack.

And until I start working again I'll be making all our gifts: Mother's Day, birthdays, etc. So if you see anything you like send me some hints. :-)

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onemotherslove said...

I thought that was old fabric! Cute pin cushion!