Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Quilt Club

TheMomInTheFamily requested some pictures from Momma's Quilt Club, so here ya go. I was there for a while before I saw anyone working. The lady behind these hands told me I should have taken a picture of their mouths because that's what was working today!
This is a collection of reproduction fabrics. Below are a few photos of the blocks one lady has been making with her reproduction fabric.

Some of the other projects that were going below... I can't remember what this was called, but it's appliqued wool. She's made one for each month. I think this one was for her June table.

This redwork Santa is a stocking.

This Sunbonnet Sue below was appliqued onto a canvas bag.


TheMomInTheFamily said...

Thank you!!! I just love those repro fabrics. I was going to go by & look at them again today while I was out shopping but since I spent TWO HOURS in Michael's I never got around to it. That pattern she's using looks familiar. Didn't Great make a quilt like that? Do you know the name of the pattern? And, yes, I did change my template. Come by & see the new look of my blog.

Laverne said...

Thanks for writing this.