Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Fitted Diaper: RRP

You know I am new to cloth diapering... and I am scared of this diaper. It's a "fitted diaper;" it's a "pocket diaper." That means it is not waterproof. It needs a diaper pin. It's only 2 layers thick, but has a pocket that can be stuffed with whatever absorbent material I see fit. But enough of my phobia - This diaper was amazingly easy to sew. It dried in a snap. And with a mom that was paying attention, I felt it get moist, but we had no leaks even without an extra cover! But most importantly... it's ADORABLE!!!

Notice the ladybug on her bottom?
Not sure if I wrapped it around exactly right (it looks a bit bunchy) & I was scared of pinning her. Since I don't have a snap press, I may try adding velcro to this one.
All I stuffed it with for this wearing was a microfleece towel.
The pattern is called Rita's Rump Pocket (RRP) one-size flannel fitted pocket diaper. Rita, cloth diapering mom of 2, came up with this pattern and is sharing it with the world free of charge! Click here to get your downloadable RRP pattern. And let me know if you sew one and blog your pictures, too!


Renee said...

Wow,I love the diapers!When I had my last 2 daughters,I used cloth diapers....if only I knew how stylish my girls could have been! :)I never ever thought of sewing their own diapers...maybe when I have my next baby,I'll try that.I found you through your comment on my friend Carolyn's blog...looks like I'll have another blog to visit now. :)

Unknown said...

WoW- I am so envious of you having such an awesome store to visit- we have nothing like that here in bonny Scotland. I love all your projects too- those diapers are so cute!

SAHMmy Says said...

You are braver than I! And more talented--those diapers are so cute--do you sew dresses to match? I just wrote a whole post on the cost of disposable diapers--frugal as I am, I just can't make myself go cloth (cute as I see now that they can be!)

Cara said...

I know this is old... but that is just adorable! I've been sewing all-in-ones for a while now, but for some reason I haven't ventured out into fitteds, I may have to try. We usually either use AIOs or prefolds in a cover. Thanks for sharing your pattern :)

Lynn Nasir said...


i've been making RRP CDs too. i have like..30 of them with the covers. with two kiddos..i think i might as well add my stash ;p

nice job friend, go green!!

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