Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Magazine

I found a new magazine at HEB this week: Quilts and More from Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection, Spring 2007 Issue. I give it two thumbs up!!! It was packed full of awesome ideas! Here are a few of my favorite that I wanted to show you:

Who wants an apron next Christmas?

Save your old jeans for me -
I think I'd really like to do this one!

This one looked like something Jordann would like to make.

And this was an adorable baby quilt -
look how the circles are quilted
right into the white part!!!


TheMomInTheFamily said...

omg... I love those aprons! I've been browsing eBay lately for vintage kitchen linens but haven't won any aprons that I really like. Jeans? That's a great item for buying at the thrift store 50% off days. The last day of the month at our store is even 80% off! And usually there are men's jeans with stains or tears that no one wants. I bought a stash of Levi's for Jo to make into purses. I think they were 60c each. I'll see if she has any to share. BTW, can I share Jo's crafty creations on the blog, too?

TheMomInTheFamily said...

What's the purse made of?

Grandpa said...

When I finish with my jeans they are no longer blue.

Jerry said...

You girls are awsome!!!! And I thought at one time my degree in art education was wasted!!!!

onemotherslove said...

The purse is needle felting! Materials used in the photo: 1/2 yard pink felted wool, 24 yards bulky-weight pink and white verigated wool yarn (grid, trim, drawstrings, handle), felting needle, felting needle mat or 2" thick foam pad, water-soluble or chalk marker. Finished bag: 8x6"

Pipesville said...

My old jeans have to many holes for that.