Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pretty Yarn!

I didn't download any new photos today so I'm just posting this one. I thought this yarn was gorgeous! I crocheted a case for my sunglasses with it and then felted it. Being my first felting project -- and not using a pattern -- it didn't turn out very well. I didn't realize it would shrink so much. Jo said I could use it as a pencil holder if that tells you anything. Anyway, it was a fun yarn to work with and VERY fast! I'll try again later if my purse turns out.

OK, I REALLY have to get off the computer and go work on the purse now.

BTW, in a few weeks I'll be going with the kids on a mission trip to Tijuana. Twelve hours+ on a bus. I want to take some crochet with me. What do you think I should take?

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onemotherslove said...

Oh, this is where you mentioned Tijuana... never mind... : )